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Selective Demolition: How it Compares and What Lies Ahead

selective demolition

Selective Demolition: How it Compares and What Lies Ahead Selective demolition is revolutionizing the way we think about demolishing buildings, offering significant advantages over conventional methods. No longer limited to brute force, this innovative technique leverages advanced technologies and expertise to demolish specific sections of a structure while preserving the rest. Selective Demolition versus Traditional […]

The Importance of Post Construction Cleanup

Post Construction Cleanup

The Importance of Post Construction Cleanup One crucial step in any construction project is post construction cleanup. It not only ensures a spotless and welcoming space but also plays a significant role in the safety and well-being of the future occupants. Construction sites are often left with dust, debris, and potentially hazardous materials that need […]

Benefits of Using Temporary Labor Services

temporary labor services

Benefits of Using Temporary Labor Services Temporary labor services offer numerous advantages for businesses looking to scale up efficiently. One of the main advantages is the flexibility to hire workers for short-term projects. This means that you can easily adjust your workforce to match your business needs, allowing you to meet the increase in demand […]


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24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE Anytime, Anyplace. Johnson’s Maintenance provides 24 hour emergency assistance day or night. Contact us today and get a fast and easy quote for any of your building service needs. Read More Blog Articles



SCRUBBING Johnson’s Maintenance knows that the construction industry moves at a very fast pace, that deadlines are often tight and they must be met. We specialize in working with you to meet your scheduling needs and turn over a property that is clean, neat and ready for occupancy. We can work around your schedule changes […]


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POWER WASHING Power Washing is our specialty. We’ve seen it all and know how to handle the job correctly. That’s why we use the best equipment, safest and most effective detergents and leave the property looking cleaner than when we found it. You won’t find anyone more dedicated and reliable than Johnson’s Maintenance when it […]