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Construction Services

Our Construction Services ensure that the construction site is clean, safe, and always ready before, during, and after a construction or renovation project.

Crucial for maintaining a safe and professional construction site, ensuring the final product meets quality standards, and providing a clean environment for future occupants or workers.

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Selective Demolition

No job is too big (or small) for Johnson’s Maintenance. Site Assessment, Site Preparation, Execution up to Site Cleanup, we got you covered! Our demolition team is comprised of professionals and are know for our innovative approach, making sure that we finish our projects on time and within the budget.

Here at Johnson’s Maintenance, we believe that hiring a reputable demolition contractor with experience and expertise is essential for a successful project outcome.

Our Licensed Cleaning Contractor offers Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services to clients across ReadingWilkes-BarreAllentownLancasterKing of PrussiaPottstownMorgantownPhiladelphiaHarrisburgEastonWyomissing, and the surrounding areas.

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As construction progresses, there is a need for regular cleaning to keep the site safe and in order. It requires different cleaning approaches and techniques with consideration of safety regulations and standards. Most importantly, construction cleaning services must be done without disturbing the ongoing construction work.

Johnson’s Maintenance guarantees that you will get services tailored to the unique needs of your construction site, focusing on maintaining cleanliness, safety, and efficiency throughout the construction process.

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Johnson’s Maintenance is committed to providing post construction cleanup far beyond industry standards. Our post construction division is comprised of specially trained personnel that focus on effective and efficient construction site cleaning.

Our customer list and portfolio speaks to Johnson’s Maintenance’ expertise in the area of post-construction cleaning. With Johnson’s Maintenance you can be rest assured that you’re receiving outstanding service from a company with extensive experience in post-construction cleanup.

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Final Cleaning

Construction work often leaves a significant amount of dust that settles on surfaces throughout the space. You have to make sure that a newly constructed or renovated space is clean, safe and ready for use. Johnson’s Maintenance’ Final Cleaning Service is definitely what you need! Starting with a thorough assessment of the space to identify the areas that require attention, clearing construction debris, dust removal, surface cleaning to sanitation. We ensure that all areas have been cleaned to the desired standard.

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Window cleaning

Window cleaning during construction is important for maintaining visibility, preventing damage, enhancing safety, monitoring project progress, preserving aesthetic appeal, and preparing the building for occupancy. By performing regular window cleaning into the construction process, builders can ensure that windows remain clean and functional throughout the duration of the project.

Johnson’s Maintenance can work with you throughout the construction progress with our expertise and specialized techniques. We can provide a customized cleaning plan and adjust to your schedule to avoid disruption to your construction activities.

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Construction can be messy, we get that, floors are subjected to dust, debris, and spills. Specialized cleaning techniques are applied to make sure that floors remain clean, safe and in good condition.

Here at Johnson’s Maintenance, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of floor care. We have the expertise and experience needed to meet the specific needs of any construction project.

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Concrete cutting

Customized, Precise, Timely and Safe. These are the main offering of our Concrete Cutting Service. Johnson Maintenance will make sure that we develop a customized plan tailored to the specific needs of your project. Our skilled operators uses a variety of specialized equipment and tools designed for cutting through concrete of various thicknesses and densities. We implement strict safety protocols to protect workers, bystanders, and property during cutting activities. All these are performed within the agreed timeframe making sure that we work efficiently and effectively.

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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, companies need to be agile and adaptable to stay ahead. When it comes to scaling up your business quickly and cost-effectively, temporary labor services are the ultimate solution. Whether you’re experiencing sudden growth, seasonal demand, or project-based work, hiring temporary workers allows you to flexibly meet your needs without the burden of long-term commitments.

Johnson’s Maintenance has a wide pool of skilled and experienced professionalswho are ready to hit the gorund running. Don’t let your growth be hindered by a lack of resources, we are here to help you!

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Johnson’s Maintenance takes pride in our team of trained professionals who are prepared to handle a wide range of urgent situations that may happen during construction projects. Emergencies can happen anytime and we are ready to provide these services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.